PEST Analysis of Dell


Dell’s business is regulated by several different federal and state government agencies. Such as regulation of; Anti-trust regulatory activities, the consumer protection laws and financial services, export/import regulatory services, product safety regulatory activities, investor protection and capital markets regulatory activities, environmental, employment and labour

Dell were not assessed any material environmental fines, nor have any material environmental remediation or other environmental costs, during Fiscal 2010.


As the electronics industry is growing with a fast pace, it is facing an increasing number of demands focused on reducing environmental impacts of how products are designed, manufactured, used, and managed at end-of-life. As evidence of “green” procurement policies, the global marketplace is increasingly demanding product environmental improvements, as well as increased access to environmental information.

Dell’s sales and marketing is targeting the evolving needs of their customers. Their direct business model gives Dell direct communication with their customers, which allows them to refine their products to specific customer groups. Dell has got an offer for their customers to suggest enhancements to current or future products.


The demand for Dell’s products depends on the country, and it’s financial and educational level. If the country is on a higher level of education, it is more common to see a large increase in demand. But computers and computer-accessories are getting more involved in the daily life, and we are seeing an extreme growth in how people need their computer.

Dell is in cooperation with The University of Texas at Austin, looking for university students with innovative ideas to solve social or environmental problems, with a cash prize of over $100,000. This will help Dell getting more ideas on how to improve on both social and environmental problems.

Dell is creating products for the whole family, which is functional for work, school and amusement. Their computers have got high performance, and when you make your order, it is easy to customize the computer after your own needs. Dell’s type of products is a part of almost every family in the world’s household, a huge part of their lifestyle.

Dell and their employees are very active and engaged in their communities. Whether it’s charitable activities or political engagement, Dell employees are informed and involved in the decisions that affect their company.


Dell is a company that relies on their technology. For Dell to keep staying on the top of sales, they need to improve their technology, with the same or faster pace than the other companies.

Because Dell is a company that focuses a lot on being “Green”, they are developing new ways to stay that way. Dell has got the industry’s first worldwide free consumer recycling program, something that allows their customers to recycle their products for free.

Dell is also partnering with The Conservation Fund and the, non-profit organizations that will use the funds to plant trees in sustainably managed forests, absorbing carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere from generated electricity. The company said that 100 per cent of the donations received by the "Plant a Tree for Me" program will be used by partners to facilitate planting trees.

Dell is currently also working on several different ways to enhance your computer life in the coming future, such as “Next-Generation Optical Storage Technology – Blu-ray Disc” and several improvements on the “Systems Management”.