How to write a business dissertation

Starting Your Business Dissertation

The starting point for a business dissertation often involves selecting a topic of interest that is also relevant to your study focus. Unlike business essays, where you are usually provided with a topic of choice, a business dissertation requires independent thinking and creativity in developing a research topic.

You might start by looking to see what has already written on your area of research to make sure you do not duplicate existing research. The objective is to create something new and add to the existing body of knowledge for that business topic.

Be sure to consider the scope of your research topic to make sure it is not too broad or too narrow so it can be accomplished within a specific timeframe and be of benefit to you and to the research library. Once you have your research topic for your business dissertation, you will need to create a working title.

Writing a Research Proposal for Your Business Dissertation

Once you have completed this initial work, it is time to create your research proposal for your business dissertation that shows the rationale for this topic and your plan on conducting the research, including timeframe for completion. This is usually approved or rejected by a committee before you can begin your research for your business dissertation. Here is what you need to consider and include:

· Research background and rationale for doing the study.

· A research aim and set of objectives.

· A brief literature review that furthers the rationale for doing the study and for the research methodology you have selected.

· Decide on how you will conduct your research. Will it be qualitative or quantitative? Will you do interviews, a survey, or a case study? Think about what would be the most effective way to address your research aim and objectives. You will need to explain your rationale, data collection and analysis tools, any type of software or analytical tools and potential research limitations. You will also need to consider ethical measures to ensure that you adhere to the most ethical behaviour in all of your research.

· A timetable for each aspect of your research study to show how you will accomplish the research, analysis, and writing in a specified amount of time.

Gathering the Research for Your Business Dissertation

Gathering research includes both that for the literature review as well as for your primary or secondary research focus. Consider how much time and resources you will need for each aspect of your research and create a plan to ensure you get the data you need for your business dissertation. Your business dissertation advisor as well as information available in dissertation books and online that can help with advice on how to approach your data collection for the literature review as well as the primary or secondary research.

Creating Your Business Dissertation Report

Once you have collected all of your data, it must be recorded and analysed before you start writing. If you are having problems with the analysis portion, you can seek advice from your supervisor to help you from becoming overwhelmed. You want to make sure you understand what the data means so that you can present your findings in a logical way.

To help you present the findings, just like a business essay, you should create an outline for your business dissertation findings. This will help you organise the information and align it with your research aim and objectives, ensuring you do not inadvertently miss any important connection or pattern in the data.

As you create your final report for your dissertation, also think about how you can present some of the data in a visual manner that helps the reader understand the research. This might mean creating tables, diagrams, and/or charts. Thinking about these in advance of writing the business dissertation as another way to organise your data and make sure everything flows and offers the best argument possible for your research.

Writing Your Business Dissertation

The next step is to write your business dissertation. Remember that you will most likely undertake multiple drafts before you have your final report. Here are some tips to follow as you write:

· Use third person.

· Write in active voice.

· Add in your citations as you write to ensure you do not miss referencing something correctly and to save time.

· Apply the essay format to each section, which means including an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs with sentences that connect the paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Of course, since a business dissertation is a much larger writing project, you will have many more body paragraphs and perhaps even a couple introduction and concluding paragraphs in each section.

· Check on the style for citing references as well as other format features like spacing between lines, font type and size, and margin sizes.

A business dissertation has a specific format to follow. Be sure to check with your supervisor on any potential deviation from this format listed below. You will need to include the following components for your business dissertation:

You may also have other sections, including acknowledgements, a list of figures and tables, and a list of illustrations.

From here, you have your first draft of your business dissertation, which will need to be edited and proofread before submitting it to your supervisor for marking.

Time to get started!